Trumpet Fest 2006

Brett the Trumpet Man
Listen to me play Andante and Allegro of the Hummel.
Listen to Brett play Concert Piece by W. Brandt or Sonata by Halsey-Stevens.
Brett playing a solo with OSU's Marching Band.
Listen to Jon Dysinger play Suite for Baritone.
I was awarded this $500 Award at the 2002 Honors Recital.
This is OSU's Trumpet Choir. I am the one playing the Piccolo Trumpet. Listen to us play Bransles from the Capriol Suite by Peter Warlock and Arranged by Mike Curtis (Bassoon teacher at OSU).
Jay Chen, my trumpet teacher, and his son Michael.

Before and After Shots of My New Rotary Valve Trumpet (Dec. 25 & Jan.3)
I am now the new Poster Boy for the OSU Music Department (Oct. 25, 2003)

Marrowstone Music Festival in Bellingham, Washington (August 2003)

Casino Night
Lake Watcom
Mt Baker Trip
Pie Eating Contest
Jon Dysinger's Senior Recital (June 7, 2003)
OSU Trumpet Choir trip to Bend, Oregon . (April 26-27, 2003)

The Deschutes River is really cool to look at. I took a little mpeg of it. Check it out!

Jay's Birthday Party (October 8, 2002)
This is the OSU Sound Machine. Here we are in a recording studio to cut a CD. (June 8, 2002)

Listen to the songs we recorded

Bowling with the Trumpet Choir to celebrate my Happy Belated 24th Birthday. (May 16, 2002)

OSU Trumpet Choir trip to Coos Bay, Oregon . (April 13-14, 2002)

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